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Cracks In Our Shadows

A journey through light and dark

Cracks In Our Shadows: Text
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Cracks In Our Shadows: Image

Based around the photography of Phillip Walker, Cracks In Our Shadows builds a narrative journey through a curated blend of words and images. In an exhibition setting with an atmospheric soundscape, the viewer walks through twenty-four striking photographic works, matched with twenty-four individual poems written to pair with each one. Watch the trailer for a taste of the project.

Cracks In Our Shadows: Video
On the 6th of November 2020, 'Cracks in our Shadows' was first launched in the gallery at Mixed Creative in Port Adelaide. We left a guestbook to accompany the exhibition and encouraged viewers to share their thoughts. This is what they had to say:
mixed creative cracks on walls.jpg

Photo by Mixed Creative 2020

"I need time to read every word, every line, sink into each photo, lose myself in her weaving of magic." 

- Tracey

"So many striking words and pictures. Great concept!"

- Matthew

"Great composition. Looking forward to future works."

- Greg

"Strong relationship between the photographs and the poems. Really immersive."

- Tanner

"Immersive, emotive, beautiful."

- Tegan

"Amazing, emotive, stunning."

- Elaina

"Sensitive, transporting, shimmering."

- Ezra

"Amazing matching of imagery in photos and words."

- Derek

"Phenomenal example of ekphrastic poetry and collaborative arts projects."

- Heather

"Images and words matched to expand your view of the world from wherever you stand. Incredible talents!"

- Raelene


Phillip Walker


Phillip Walker is a creative who feels most at home communicating his experiences through the lens of a camera. Having studied photography, film, and video at Edith Cowan University, he has continued to explore the range of his skills through a variety of formats. Although he is often reclusive with his art, he has seen his work featured in a video art installation in 2007, as well as a photographic exhibition in 2012. With an eye for capturing the hidden power in everyday moments, Phillip approaches his work in an opportunistic fashion, often finding the perfect image in unexpected locations. As a person who sometimes struggles with connection through traditional means, Phillip describes his art as a way to connect with the world around him, and the people within it.


Sarah Jane Justice


Sarah Jane Justice is a writer with experience in a variety of fields. As a spoken word artist, she has received a significant number of accolades, including performing at the Sydney Opera House as the SA state champion in the 2018 Australian Poetry Slam. She was also named the winner of the coveted Goolwa Poetry Cup in 2017, winner of the Northern Fringes Slam in both 2019 and 2020, and has been a finalist in the S.A. Summer Slam and the Fleurieu Fringe Poetry Slam. In terms of the written word, she has seen her poetry and short stories commended in competitions and published in locations ranging from Queensland to New York City. As a singer-songwriter, she has released three professional recordings of her original music and performed an original one-woman cabaret show for the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Cracks In Our Shadows: Team Members

Cracks In Our Shadows:

The Story So Far

In its full exhibition setting, Cracks In Our Shadows was first scheduled to display in April 2020, at Mixed Creative in Port Adelaide. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated postponing the event within weeks of the launch, the project was pushed back to November 2020. Finally launched on the 6th of November 2020, the exhibition was met with high praise, and remained on display in Mixed Creative's gallery space for November and December of 2020.

In print and digital formats, the work has been finding new homes around the globe. A selection of poems written for the project have been published by several small presses (listed below), sharing a taste of Cracks In Our Shadows with the world.

Currently, there is a plan to tour the exhibition around Australia, at arts festivals as well as stand-alone venues. If you represent an organisation interested in hosting a showing of this project, we encourage you to get in contact with us.

Publications Featuring Works From Cracks In Our Shadows
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