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At Home in SA, Online in NYC

This morning at 7.00am, or 5.30pm last night in New York City, I read at the digital launch of the Spring 2020 edition of Caustic Frolic, an issue that worked around the theme of 'Boundaries'. Caustic Frolic is a literary journal run by XE: Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement at New York University, and I’ve been honoured to have my short prose piece ‘Tracks’ included as part of this publication. You can read it here, alongside some other incredible writing.

With the impact of the pandemic, I have attended quite a few online events. Ironically, the digital format has made far more events unexpectedly accessible. There has been so much happening that for a time, I put a bit too much pressure on myself to attend as many readings as possible. Knowing my own limits meant taking a step back for a moment, in order to give myself time to relax and regroup. I must admit, reading at the Caustic Frolic launch was quite a way to step back into such events!

As the only non-American reading at the launch, it was not only thoroughly entertaining, but interesting to hear the perspectives of writers on the other side of the world. The works were exceptionally high quality, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely worth getting out of bed on a cold Saturday morning!

In Australia, we’re getting ready to start holding our events in person again, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to returning to the joys of a live audience. Still, I must admit, I have seen a real benefit to holding them online. I’m hoping that, potentially, certain events can continue in a digital format, in addition to live stages. We have found a way to connect with people we can’t stand next to in the physical world, and I think it would be wonderful to keep that going.


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